I Peter

Salutation (1:1, 2)

I. Remember Our Great Salvation (1:3-2:10)
A. The Certainty of Our Future Inheritance (1:3-12)

  1. Preserved by the power of God (1:3-5)

  2. Proven by the trials of persecution (1:6-9)

  3. Predicted by the prophets of God (1:10-12)

B. The Consequence of Our Future Inheritance (1:13-2:10)

  1. Perseverance of hope (1:13-16)

  2. Persistence of wonder (1:17-21)

  3. Power of love (1:22-23)

  4. Praises of Christ (2:4-10)

II. Remember Our Example Before Men (2:11-4:6)

A. Honorable Living Before Unbelievers (2:11-3:7)

  1. Submission to the government (2:11-17)

  2. Submission to masters (2:18-25)

  3. Submission in the family (3:1-7)

B. Honorable Living Before Believers (3:-12)

C. Honorable Living in the Midst of Suffering (3:13-4:6)

  1. The principle of suffering for righteousness (3:13-17)

  2. The paragon of suffering for righteousness (3:18-22)

  3. The purpose of suffering for righteousness (4:1-6)

III. Remember Our Lord Will Return (4:7-5:11)

A. The Responsibilities of Christian Living (4:7-11)

B. The Rewards of Christian Suffering(4:12-19)

C. The Requirements for Christian Leadership (5:1-4)

D. The Realization of Christian Victory (5:5-11)

                Conclusion (5:12-14)

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