About Church on the Rock

Church on the Rock began as a small congregation of less than 20 people in 1986 under the leadership of Pastor Rodger Bradley.  Rodger was called to ministry at the tender age of 18 years old, and began preaching in the small Freewill Baptist church his family had attended through his childhood.

This small but visionary congregation began reaching out to the hurting, overlooked, and rejected people in their neighborhoods.   For more than 30 years now, Church on the Rock has grown into a very diverse, cross cultural congregation and is fulfilling the dream that Rodger saw in his heart as a teenager … one beggar helping another beggar find Bread.

SUNDAY Worship includes:

  • PRAISE & WORSHIP … an exciting, engaging blend of modern worship songs, hymns, and Gospel classics, complete with wide screen media and occasional dramatic stage presentations.


  • COMMUNION …  a moment when everyone who desires may receive a small bread chip and juice to represent the teachings of Christ at his Last Supper with the disciples.  Elders offer brief devotionals at this moment of worship to teach practical life applications.


  • BIBLE MESSAGES …  roughly 30-minutes in length, taught by Pastor Rodger, or a staff pastor, or a special guest.  The sermon is designed to inspire, inform, and engage us to action.  We believe that the Word of God is our life map and offers every source of wisdom and teaching that we need in order to live a fully devoted life for Jesus Christ.


  • KIDS ROCK … our Children’s Ministry is designed for Newborns to 6th Graders, with certified and vetted Nursery care for babies and Toddlers; plus, Graded programs of music, games, art, Bible lessons, and Scripture memory for elementary school ages.   KIDS ROCK is offered during 11am Worship each Sunday.

Wednesday Refreshing includes:

  • BIBLE TEACHING … for Adults from Pastor John Harry and Elders.  Lessons are based on the Gospels, the History and Prophets in Scripture, and occasionally a Christian Living devotional.  Start time is 6:30pm
  • COTR YOUTH … activities, Bible Study, and fellowship are offered for middle and high school students from 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • KIDS ROCK … Nursery care and Graded classes are offered from 6:30pm – 7:30pm during Bible Teachings for Youth and Adults.