Year End Contributions

As 2018 comes to a close, we want you to know …

WE THANK YOU …  for your generosity and support of Church on the Rock, our local and regional ministries, and our missionaries around the globe.

WE PRAY FOR YOU … that God will expand your dreams and visions, increase your blessings, and provide for your every need.

WE ASK OF YOU … that you will consider a Year End Contribution to help us continue in the Call that God has placed on our church for Pascagoula, the Gulf Coast, and every part of our world which He places in our path

You may click here to Give Online for fast and secure electronic payment with any major credit/debit card or direct ACH payment.  You may also mail your check dated no later than December 31, 2018 to:


We BLESS you and we ask God to keep you and to cover you in everything you set out to accomplish in His Name.

THANKS AGAIN … for your amazing love and generosity towards hurting, helpless, and hopeless people who are created by and loved by our Heavenly Father.

Pastor Rodger Bradley

Jaron Tipton in Worship and Concert

Sunday, Jun 24th, Church on the Rock is excited to bring Jaron Tipton in as a Guest Worship Leader for the morning service.  Then be sure and be back at 630p for a Night of Worship, as Jaron is in concert presenting his new CD, LIVE Worship with Jaron.


Whether you listen to KLOVE or love to tune into the classic hymns, this event is something to put on your calendar NOW.  While pre-sold tickets aren’t required, seating is limited … so click on the link to reserve your seat today [CLICK HERE TO RESERVE SEATS].

Jaron and Courtney Tipton are founders of Engulfed Ministries in Lucedale MS.  A renowned Worship Artist, Communicator, and Business Consultant has served churches along the Gulf Coast for more than 15 years.

Presented by RMM Productions and Engulfed Ministries. A Love Offering will be received to continue to bring these events to the Gulf Coast.

  • Reserved Seating Available
  • For information contact Robby Myrick / RMM Productions

Product of Love

The Love of God

extends to all – and that Love is shown to all through mercy! Our bible lesson this week comes from John 8:1 – the story of the adulterous woman. Jesus tells us in the be-attitudes (this week’s scripture verse, too!) that, “God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” Matthew 5. When I first looked at this verse, I thought to myself, “Oh, so if I show mercy to others – let go of their mistakes and allow them a second chance – when I mess up, they will show me mercy too!”

But there is an integral truth that I missed with that assessment. First off, as followers of Jesus, yes, we are called to show mercy. But that doesn’t mean people are required to show us mercy! What Jesus is saying here is that when we show mercy to others, God shows mercy to us by offering us eternal salvation!

But that doesn’t mean it is easy.

The first thing that comes to mind is to sin – to strike back at the person who has wronged us. But, this usually gets us into more trouble! There was one time in my childhood when I went on a backpack expedition with some of my friends. We would hike with full packs, camp out for the night, and continue on our way until we finish the trail we chose. One day, I was lead scout and I made a terrible mistake. I walked right over a copper-head rattle snake. Doesn’t that make your skin crawl?

Imagine if I got bit by the poisonous snake.

Dropping my stuff and running after the snake would help no one! Enacting revenge against the snake, calling the snake horrible names, smearing mud on the snake’s reputation only makes me look a fool! I would only get upset, raise my heart rate, and spread the poison further. Not to mention that I could be bitten again! The best way out of that situation would be to let the snake go, slow the poison’s spread by controlling emotions, slow my breathing and heart rate – then seek first aid, and get the poison out. Striking back at those who hurt us in life is like poisoning ourselves. Instead, we should control our emotions and let the pain go, by showing mercy.

Another, more dangerous reason we find it hard to show mercy

is that we don’t think that people deserve mercy. But that is extraordinarily foolish! When you think “he doesn’t deserve mercy” you have just identified someone who is eligible for mercy. That’s what makes it mercy – it is undeserved. No one, including us, deserves mercy. Mercy is giving someone another chance when he or she does not deserve it, just like Jesus did for us and for the woman in the Bible Lesson today.

Jesus showed mercy

to the woman caught in adultery despite what she deserved. The law she had broken was His. The heart she had broken was His. He knew far more intimately than her accusers what she had done. He, more than anyone else present, would be justified in striking back at her and giving her the punishment she earned. But he showed her mercy. Jesus treats us with undeserved mercy and if we are following His example we must resist the urge to strike back, and remember that we can only show mercy to people who don’t deserve it.

“This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies says: Judge fairly, and show mercy and kindness to one another.” Zechariah 7:9 (NLT)

“There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when he judges you.” James 2:13 (NLT)

Saving Bentley’s Heart

Saving Bentley’s Heart

We are raffling a Tundra 65 Yeti Cooler thanks to Perkins Polaris and Tire to support this great cause.  Tickets are one for $5 or five for $20.  Here’s why this cause is worth every penny.

At 17 weeks into the pregnancy, Chris and Casey received great news, “The were having a boy”.  But just as fast as the excitement came, the doctor let out a three letter word, ‘but’.  It changed the laughter and smiles into trembling.  Their son would be born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome.

As the doctor explained more, the trembling soon turned to tears.  This rare congenital defect carries with it many immediate and dangerous surgeries, many difficult decisions, and burdens new parents shouldn’t have to bear.

Now, with Bentley’s birth only weeks away, Chris and Casey hope for your prayers most of all.  In the coming weeks and months, they will need all of their friends and family support they can garner.  Cards, letters, emails, and messages are appreciated.  Your prayers are coveted.  And should you be led, a financial gift will help alleviate the mounting financial struggle as hospital and doctor bills mount.

Would you like more information? Email or call our office.


For information on this rare disorder go to


$ 20
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Donation Total: $20

Looking Back with the Ladies Ministry 2016

More The Ladies Ministry at Church on the Rock is GROWING fast!

Meeting each 2nd Saturday of the month, the Ladies at the Rock keep service front and center.  From feeding the homeless, to organizing our annual Breast Cancer Walk, this group takes serious the charge to reach the unChurch, unSaved, unConnected.  In addition to meeting each month for fellowship and devotion, they are active in the local nursing homes, plug into community outreaches, and serve the local community in more ways than we can count.

Check out a few pictures from some of this year’s events below.  Want to know how you can get involved?  Email

More pictures can be found on our Facebook Page:


Looking Back through 2016

Wow!  What an incredible year?!  And what a whirlwind of activity.

Listen to just a few of the accomplishments from 2016.

  • Our Kids’ Rock Team finished their first year of tutoring and getting kids a head start in school.  Talk about a creative way to reach families?! Kids’ Rock finds new ways to reach families each week.
  • A powerful Easter Service at the Jackson County Civic Center reached those who might not ever come through the door of a church… and you didn’t stop there…
  • You reached into the community and found students that might not ever get the chance to make it to Summer Camp and you helped send them!
  • You had another successful year of Takin’ It to the Streets.  This year you held blood drives, food give-aways, and the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Walk.
  • We planned for 1800 kids for Light the Night and prayed hard.  God heard.  God answered and sent 3000 kids.  Talk about a terrific event?!
  • You reached out to the city and provided the games, toys and candy for the City’s Christmas Lighting of the Trees.
  • You held, not one but two 5000 pound food give-aways.
  • Throughout the Summer, you held outreaches at the apartment complexes each Friday.  You played games, handed out popsicles, and loved on kids all over the community.
  • You reached into the Homeless community to provide haircuts and meals.
  • This fall we held a terrific revival with Special Guest Ron Hammonds and worship by Robby Myrick!
  • Then to top it off, we celebrated 30 years of a church family.

This is just what I could remember off the top of my head.  My favorite part, there was so much I couldn’t remember it all.  Church on the Rock, “You are an incredible family!”

Want to know how you can get involved?  Start by reaching out on Sunday morning to the Information Booth, sticking around on Wednesday Nights to talk with friends, and plugging in on Sunday morning Discipleship Class.

More Pictures on our Facebook page:


Dec 17th – Ladies Ministry Feeding the Homeless

Dec 17th – Ladies Ministry Feeding the Homeless

On Dec 17th, Faith United Methodist and Church on the Rock will be joining together to share with those without.  We will be offering coats, sweaters, caps, gloves, blankets, and small toiletry items … all served with lunch and a smile.  In addition, local barbers have offered free haircuts.

Items you can bring include, Soup, Sandwiches, Cookies, and Punch.  This is a great time to clean out your closet and bring blankets, coats, and sweaters.

Can’t make it to help?  You can donate to the cause.  Use the form below to designate your gift.

Ladies Ministry

$ 10
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Donation Total: $10

Prayer Ministry

Can We Pray With You?

Prayer is the cornerstone of our faith.  We want to join with you in prayer.  Our prayer team is constantly in contact with one another and in constant prayer for your requests.  Would you like someone to pray with you?  Or would you like to know your requests are being lifted to the throne of God each day?  Then let us know…  Complete the information below and we’ll get back with you to let you know, we’re praying with you.

You also can call our prayer line at 228-762-3221 extension 402.  The line is monitored daily and prayer request remain confidential to our team.

[contact-form-7 id=”6677″ title=”Prayer Request”]

End of Year Giving 2016

Your Year-End Giving makes a HUGE difference!

As we round the corner to 2016, we have seen God bless in amazing ways.  From great revivals to outreaches that beat every goal we had set.  For example, did you know we set a goal for 1,800 kids at Light the Night but the city estimated greater than 3,000 attended.  Also, did you know that Church on the Rock participated in not one but two 5,000 food drops into our community.  Or did you catch the blood drive, the weekly food distributions, or the after-school tutoring.  And these are just a few of the items you did this year.

None of this would have been possible without your giving spirit.  You’ve been dedicated to making this community better by serving like Jesus.  Here at the end of the year, we are hoping to finish strong and carry this same spirit into 2017.  Many of you have asked what our greatest need is at this time, and to be honest, it’s just finishing strong financially.

Help us finish strong.  Below is a great way to donate towards this cause!

Ladies Ministry Dec 2016

Two Great Events, One Great Purpose

Dec 10th – Christmas at Singing River Nursing Home

Two great events to keep in mind this December for the Ladies Ministry.  On Saturday, December 10th, the Ladies Ministry at Church on the Rock will be celebrating Christmas at the Singing River Rehabilitation and Nursing Home.  What a great opportunity to share the gospel to some that may not have a Christmas.  Join us for singing, fun and food.  Also joining us will be YROC (Youth Reaching Our Community), our youth group here at Church on the Rock.

Here are some items you can bring: small toiletry items, individually wrapped treats, non-slip socks, or word-search puzzle books.  You also can make donations for gifts on the form below.

Meet at Singing River NO LATER THAN 1:45p.

For more information email

Dec 17th – Lunch in the Park

On Dec 17th, Faith United Methodist and Church on the Rock will be joining together to share with those without.  We will be offering coats, sweaters, caps, gloves, blankets, and small toiletry items … all served with lunch and a smile.  In addition, local barbers have offered free haircuts.

During this season, let’s give to those less fortunate.  Can’t make it to help, you can donate to the cause.  Use the form below to designate your gift.

Ladies Ministry

$ 10
Personal Info

Billing Details

Donation Total: $10