Deadly Malice

October 28, 2018
Pastor Rodger walks us through a few of King David's passages from the Psalms, recounting the drama of David's epic adventures. Among those bizarre life experiences is the adulterous relationship…

Touch Me Again

October 21, 2018
Pastor Rodger teaches  from the Gospel of Mark, the story of the blind man who Jesus touched not once, but twice, with mud that he spat in.  What an unorthodox…

Growing Up In Christ

October 14, 2018
Pastor Rodger goes back into his archives to revisit one of his favorite sermons about Christian maturity and discipleship.  We must "grow up" in the Grace and knowledge of Jesus…
Pastor Rodger discusses the sin within the Church that plagues many Christians -- that of "self-righteous" attitudes and behaviors.  His key point is this: "Harder than the transformation of the…

A Person Of Honor

September 30, 2018
Pastor Rodger continues with the topic of labels that we wear, names that we are called, and how those labels can deter us from our most productive life.  Today, we…

What’s In A Name?

September 23, 2018
What names (labels) have been placed on you from your childhood, from tragic life experiences, from poor choices? How can you receive a "new" name from Christ who loves you…

When Your Brook Dries Up

September 9, 2018
Elder Harvey Barton brings a powerful and timely message from the life story of Elijah the prophet.  What do you do when your "brook" [source, resource] dries up?

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

August 26, 2018
Pastor Rodger returns to the pulpit this week with a simple yet profound message which captures the essence of "how to" live the Christian life with great purpose and passion.