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Follow Me

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Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  But those two words turned this world upside down over 2000 years ago.

Up till that point, it was about following the rules.  It was about being good enough.  You depended on someone else’s relationship with God.  A priest had to ask for forgiveness for you.  But those two words changed everything.

You see, when Christ came on the scene, it wasn’t enough to be a sideline fan anymore… He had plenty of fans, but he was asking for more.  He was asking for followers.

  • Think you’re not good enough to be follower?  Well, you’re right if it was about you, but it’s not.  It’s about Him.
  • Think you’ve made too many mistakes? You’re right if this is about religion, but not if it’s about Jesus.
  • Think that you’re past is a problem? Maybe for you, but it’s not for Him.

Listen, religion asks you to change first, to get cleaned up before you come.  Then just maybe you’ll be good enough.  But Jesus didn’t subscribe to that belief.  In fact, Jesus called people when they were at their worst.  He reached for those who no one else wanted.  He loved on those when everyone else shied away.

Jesus isn’t concerned about your being good enough.  He’s not concerned about what you’ve done.  He doesn’t even care if you’ve cleaned up to meet Him.

I know what you’re thinking.  But it’s not about coming to Him a changed person; it’s about coming to Him and letting Him change you.

It’s time to be a Follower.

Curious?  I hope so.  Come investigate at Church on the Rock each Sunday, 830a or 11a.  Begins Easter.