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Kids’ Rock launches new EPIC series THIS Sunday

EPIC LogoWe are excited to announce a New Series in Kids’ Rock.

Beginning this Sunday your students will experience EPIC, stories from the Bible.

In EPIC, your students will get to experience the biggest, and most amazing lessons of the Bible! Gather ‘round as we relive incredible moments when oceans parted, city walls crumbled and fell down, giants were defeated, and fire fell from the sky! Your children will learn about worship, obedience, being prepared, boldness, courage, peace, salvation, and the importance of a good attitude during difficult circumstances. We’ll also use our imagination in “Not So Epic Theatre” to find out what could have happened in these lessons if the people had made the wrong decisions instead. God has big lessons to teach us and He knows how to teach in big ways! So step inside, take a seat and hold on tight. This one is going to be EPIC!

Here’s a lesson from that series:


REMINDER:  Each week we prepare a “Take Home Sheet” for your student to walk through the lessons learned during church.  You are HIGHLY encouraged to take time each week and talk about the lesson, memorized the bible verse with your child, and re-read the bible story we discussed.  Have Questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Email Pastor Jared at Jared@JesusIsTheRock.org or give him a call at 228-762-3221 x305.