Church on the Rock Pascagoula

This week in Kids’ Rock (01-26-2015)

Who is the boy in the manger?

A good man. Preacher. A prophet. God. King of Israel. A Healer. Pastor. A Jew. A liar. A thief. Bbeelzebub. A bride groom. Jesus. He is called many things. But what is true? Who is this man of fame? Why is his life, which happened over 2000 years ago, so important? Did he just come to be a prophet? To tell us about God? Did he just come to heal? To perform miracles? Or was there a greater reason? A reason that affects every person who has ever lived and will ever live?

To understand Jesus, we sorta have to understand a couple of underlying truths about Human Nature.

We are a broken species. One who lives in physical, mental, and spiritual ways. If you look deep down inside of yourself, you will notice a couple of things. First, we are not complete. Before, we used to be (Gen. 1-2). But ever since we made that drastic miscalculation, we have been broken, scarred, and scattered.

God created us in a holy and perfect breath. Formed us out of clay and taught us all we know. We abandoned Him almost in that same breath. We took what was His – what He instructed us not to take – and sinned against Him. He did not forsake us, though. Even after we sinned, He took care of us. Sent us leaders to help us along the way. But yet still, he had to find a way for His people – the ones he created Himself – to make their way back to their creator.

There was a problem, though. We chose our human nature over God. In the place of God went our human nature. Our sinful nature. Once you have a heart, another heart cannot be put there. That heart has to come out for a new one to be placed! In order for God to come back into our lives, we had to get rid of our human nature. How though?