Church on the Rock Pascagoula

I Will Be Faithful!

BIBLE STORY: David’s mighty men. (2 Samuel 23:8-17)
BIBLE VERSE: “…pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.” 2 Timothy 2:22b (NLT)

“I’ve got your back.” “I’ll cover you.” “Right behind you.” We’ve heard these words from buddycops, adventurers, and heroes on TV shows and in movies. But no movie is extreme enough for the derring-do of David’s companions. A movie made about their exploits would be considered impossible. Outlandishly exaggerated. They did things that no Hollywood producer would allow in a script.

These men broke through enemy lines into an occupied town. Not for secret plans. Not to rescue a princess. Not even to steal priceless treasure. To get their friend a drink of water. But these men’s actions were not just brave for bravery’s sake. They loved David as a friend and were willing to do anything for him. And David loved them.

David inspired faithfulness because he was faithful. He was faithful to God. He was faithful to his men. All of us need faithful friends who will be there for us, looking out for our best interests and helping us in our direst moments. No. We are not kings fighting battles like David. But we are sons and daughters of God, the King of Kings. And there is a battle to tell the world about Jesus. Faithfulness might not mean fighting a physical battle, but it might mean bringing someone a drink of water.

It means seeing a need and meeting it. It means loaning things that your friends need, without them asking. It means hospitality. It means being there for your friends when they lose loved ones. It means giving extra money to the church when a disaster strikes, so that the church can respond quickly. No matter what the need is, a faithful friend will jump in to help. We need to be faithful friends and have faithful friends in our lives. Make sure that the people you are closest to are faithful friends and friends who are faithful to God.