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Guest: Rodney Williams, Club Meth to Christ

  • Rodney Williams

    Club Meth to Christ

  • Rodney Williams

    Club Meth to Christ

  • Rodney Williams

    Club Meth to Christ

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A special guest this Sunday.

Rodney Williams | Club Meth to Christ


We are very excited to welcome Rodney Williams, founder of Club Meth to Christ ministries, to speak this Sunday at Church on the Rock. Rodney endured life as a drug and alcohol addict for over twenty years of his early life –  but that all changed one night in a meth lab explosion where, in the midst of the chaos, Rodney surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. From that point on Rodney began following Jesus. Through his trials and tribulations, Rodney has such an earth-shattering testimony that all who hear will be able to relate and will be blessed from the encounter.

After surrendering his life, Rodney devoted his entire life to inviting others to be set free from the bondage of addiction through the power of Jesus Christ. Addiction is always thought of as a huge mountain that no one can even hope to climb, endure, and conquer. Unfortunate, that is not even the scary part.  If you have read this and thought to yourself, “I don’t struggle with addiction,” take note.

Addiction is not only dangerous, but is usually hidden by or from the person enduring the addiction.

Most of us can claim that we have never been addicted to things, but we would only be lying to ourselves. Addiction can happen in many different forms. From having a cup of coffee every morning, to driving a certain way to work, to lying our ways through hard situations, to watching porn on the internet, to having a new girlfriend every 2 months, to changing out wives every 5 years, to cigarettes, to spending money, to drugs, to alcohol, etc.

Addiction can take many different forms. It can be out there for all to see. It can be hidden from others. It can be hidden from ourselves. But the truth is that a whole lot of us go through addiction and don’t even realize it. Join us Sunday to identify what addictions you are allowing to control your life. Join us Sunday to invite Jesus to break those strongholds in your life. We are confident that this Sunday lives will be changed and shackles removed.

If you would like more information on Rodney Williams, head over to his website clubmethtochrist.com or jump over to his facebook page Club Meth to Christ.


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