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Laura and I have received so many calls and texts congratulating us on our upcoming wedding.  The response has been terrific.  Besides asking the story of how we met and how we got engaged, the biggest question has been, “Where?” and, “Why there on your honeymoon?”

I must confess, I tried really hard to keep it a secret.  She wanted a surprise.  I tried really hard.  I wanted to surprise her.  But God had other plans.  A few weeks ago, Laura called.  Her voice was a little trembled, a little unsure.  She said, “During my prayer time, I felt like God told me I needed to know about our honeymoon.”

Up to this point, she knew nothing.  In fact, I had begun sending her pics of lodges in the Poconos – not exactly our cup of tea.  So on the following Sunday, we came back to the house, sat, and talked.  We went back and forth on possibilities, but she knew I was only stalling.  Then she said it, “John, I want you to tell me where we’re going.”

“Alrighty then.”  I pulled my computer on my lap and opened it.  Before I typed in the web address, she said she wanted to guess.  “To serve on the mission field in Africa!”

I stuttered, almost lost.  Huh?!  I’d been careful.  I thought I did a good job hiding the plan, but God knew there was some work to be done before we left.  And the only way was for us to work on it together.  I didn’t answer her.

I typed in the website a letter at a time, “S  O  Z  O  C  H  I  L  D  R  E  N  .  O  R  G”.  The screen filled and so did her eyes.  We scrolled down and watched this video.

We laughed and cried together.  Again, I was humbled that God knew we needed to work through things before we arrived to serve.

So there you have it.  Our big secret revealed.  We are flying out after the wedding.  There is a layover in Europe for a couple of days, then we are heading to the mission field to finish out the month.

This is the result of lots of prayer.  And we believe, the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a couple of housekeeping items you may want to know.

  • We need your prayers.  And not just, “Hey, I’ll pray,” and then forget.  We’re asking our friends to take time out of each day to specifically ask God to lead us in this marriage and in service to Him.
  • Consider helping us to get to Uganda.  Laura and I truthfully have more stuff than we need.  So, we’re politely asking, please no vases, napkins, toasters, etc.  Instead please consider donating to the mission trip.  We’ve been saving, but the cost is substantial.
  • Check out Sozo’s website.  We chose Sozo because we believe in their mission to reach homeless children in Uganda.  Take a few minutes to look through their material and consider sponsoring a child.
  • Share this story, and let us know you’re praying.  We firmly believe that this is not about us.  Our prayer is that this inspires, touches, and encourages others.  With everything in our lives that went terribly wrong, this is our chance to start out right.

Here’s a link where you can help send us to Uganda to serve.

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  • October 10, 2016
    Carolyn Mosley

    I will continue to help with my finances and prayers.

  • October 28, 2016
    devin cady

    i love you john and laura i hope you have a grate time on yalls trip – The Cadys

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