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How to keep supporting your church

While we aren’t together at one time for the time being, we are together in spirit … and with the help of technology we can even interact. It’s exciting that Church on the Rock is moving into an age where we are no longer bound by the physical walls of the church (not that we’ve been stuck inside our walls very much anyway). But with us not regularly gathering, we’ve had to come up with ways to keep the lights on, pay the bills, and prepare for unknown needs of our community when we exit this crisis.

To do this we have made it easier to give. There are now three options:
1. You can click GIVE in the upper right corner of the website. (Or just click here)

2. You can text the amount you want to donate to 228-222-8588. It’s really that simple. If you wanted to donate $100, then just text 100 to 228-222-8588. It’ll walk you through the rest. VERY SIMPLE. VERY SECURE.

3. You can mail a check to 3901 Chicot St Pascagoula MS 39581.

Personally, I’m liking the text to give. It’s crazy easy!

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