Date: January 6, 2016

Bible Text: Acts 5, Acts 6 |

Taking Ownership
January 06, 2016 (Wednesday Night)
Jeremiah Lawrence | Series: N/A
Bible Text: Acts 5, Acts 6

Taking ownership. In our lives, we need to learn to take ownership of the good and the bad. God calls us to give him our all. That includes everything. But if we don't claim something, if we don't own something, how can we even give it away? How can we give something to God, how can we give our sin to God, if we don't own up to it in the first place?

We're not sure who is more of a child sometimes, Pastor Jared or the kids he serves. This unique attribute found in him helps him achieve exactly what he strives in his ministry: leading kids to Christ and leading them to be fully-devoted disciples. Experience-wise, Jared has had his hand in many different kid-oriented positions. He began his journey as a hyper-active youth member of Soul Flood youth ministry. Fast forward: he has done time as a Youth Pastor, an afterschool and summer counselor and finally landed as a Children's Pastor at Church on the Rock. If anything stands true about Jared, it is that he loves Jesus and he loves kids - but he especially loves teaching kids about the Love of Jesus.

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