With the onset of near panic this week as the COVID-19 coronavirus strain spreads around the world, and more rapidly here in the USA, Pastor Rodger felt led to speak…

Where Are You?

March 8, 2020
Did God 'lose' Adam and Eve in the garden?  Were they really hidden from God?  Do we believe God cannot see certain areas of our lives?  Pastor Rodger unpacks a…

The Power To Forgive

March 1, 2020
Elder Isaiah Hayes shares this message about forgivness from a passage in the Old Testament story of Job, who lost everything, yet he refused to curse God.  Have you ever…
This week's Bible study comes from the letter that Paul wrote to the Church at Philippi.  The passage is simple:  don't worry about anything; pray about everything.

What’s Inside?

February 23, 2020
Pastor Rodger's message today is a simple message:  Know my heart, O God.  How's your heart?  What's your motive?  The Bible gives us basic instructions for a simple and peaceful…

What Are Your Possessions?

February 19, 2020
This week, Pastor Rodger asks the question:  "What are your possessions ... really?"
Pastor Rodger closes out the New Year series, "Why I Don't Want To Be A Christian Anymore", with a message that asks the question -- so, what does God require…
This week, Pastor Rodger preaches from a very familiar passage to tell the story of the prodigal son, but with a focus on those who were angered by the Father's…
This week, Pastor Rodger encourages us to keep on "doing what's good", so that we may reap a harvest of blessings, if we don't give up!
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