No Regrets

September 29, 2019
Pastor John Harry inspires us to consider our legacy and to count the cost of the Christian life.  Our life purpose should be that we will be used up for…

He Is Messiah

March 31, 2019
Pastor John Harry teaches from the Gospel of John.  Today we discover how Jesus is revealed as 'the Messiah' to those who have 'heard about' Him through scripture, through history,…

This Generation

August 19, 2018
Pastor John Harry's message today addresses the changing culture and how this generation is affected by this change.  So, how do previous generations keep up with the change?  How do…

One More Move

May 28, 2017
Do you feel tired? Are you worn out and worn thin? Do you feel like you need a spiritual boost? Jesus' life and ministry proclaim God's final move for Humanities…