Midweek Refreshing with Pastor Rodger Bradley ... tonight we talk about dreams, visions, prophecy, and end times thoughts.  But, don't over-spiritualize it.  What dreams are you thinking of today?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

December 22, 2019
On Christmas Sunday, Pastor Rodger speaks on the most famous word in the world ... LOVE.  We pray that God's love will cause you to love yourself more, love others…

The Battlefield Of The Mind

December 18, 2019
This week, Pastor Rodger reminds us of a very familiar passage from Paul's letter to the church at Rome, regarding the inward battle that we all experience with sin and…

Burning Bridges

December 15, 2019
Have you burned any bridges lately?  Some bridges need to be burned, but be careful to weigh your choices carefully.  Pastor Rodger unpacks a familiar scripture to help us consider…

Out On A Limb

December 8, 2019
If you grew up in Sunday School, you probably remember the story of Zacchaeus -- the little man who had to climb a tree to see Jesus in the crowd. …

An Attitude Of Ingratitude

December 1, 2019
As we move along from the Thanksgiving holiday towards Advent and Christmas, are we prone to "skip" right through this moment on the calendar with an attitude of ingratitude?  Rather…