January 1, 2016

New Series: Living Fearless Series Promo


New Series: Living Fearless
January 2016
Podcast Announcement

Have you watched the news lately? It’s no wonder we’re afraid: bombs blowing-up, countries invaded, and people being murdered. It seems like craziness and chaos is pre-written on the newspapers all around us. And not just somewhere over there, it’s happening in our lives too.

But what if I said, “Fear doesn’t have to win.”

I can hear your answer already. “But you don’t understand. My job’s blowing up. My marriage is being invaded. My reputation is being murdered.”

And I just want to say, “It’s okay. God’s got this. None of this has taken Him by surprise and it shouldn’t surprise you either. Just stop and breathe.”

Now that you’ve calmed down for a minute, let’s talk. God’s got something to tell you that will help you walk through this storm.

Living Fearless Promo (Living Fearless). Shot 20160101.

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