Crazy Little Thing Called Love

December 22, 2019
On Christmas Sunday, Pastor Rodger speaks on the most famous word in the world ... LOVE.  We pray that God's love will cause you to love yourself more, love others…

That My House May Be Filled

January 13, 2019
Pastor Rodger teaches from both Old and New Testament references, about the Parable of the Banquet found in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus reminds his disciples that excuses of all…

Just Do It

December 30, 2018
Pastor Rodger teaches the message from the Gospel of John where Jesus performs his first recorded public miracle -- turning water into wine.  It is a fascinating moment, since this…

Having a Popeye Moment

November 29, 2015
Have you ever had a Popeye moment? Have you ever wanted to dish out some glorious and divine revenge for hateful things people have done to you? Have you ever…